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Buy Balloon Lighting System from a specialist in Isernhagen

Do you regularly need glare-free, robust outdoor lighting? You would also like to have 360° illumination at hand at all times indoors? In this case, we recommend that you buy a balloon lighting system permanently. Whether in industry, on night construction sites, at events or in rescue services: With our Lumoons you are independent, mobile and flexible.

Our innovative lighting systems ensure that you have the right view. Lamp balloons are therefore indispensable for safe work in the evening or night hours. The powerful LED units contained as illuminants are economical in consumption and correspondingly environmentally friendly.

Luzio Luminaire

Hire lighting system for temporary use

If you need professional lamp balloons for short-term use only, you can rent the right lighting system from us. Whether Luzio or Lumoon 75, whether indoor or outdoor lighting - we provide you with exactly the illuminants you need at any time. At the end of the agreed period, you simply return the products to us.

You still have doubts whether a balloon lighting system actually meets your requirements? Are you unsure whether you can work trouble-free with lamp balloons? Before you rent or buy a lighting system, you are welcome to test our products without obligation. This way you can convince yourself of the diverse application possibilities and the high quality.

Luzio Luminaire

Professional advice on lighting systems and balloon lighting technology

We manufacture professional balloon lighting systems for use in industry, rescue and security services as well as for events of all kinds. The advantages of our products at a glance:

  • Glare-free, homogeneous light
  • 360° illumination without cast shadows
  • Vibration and shock resistant thanks to LED
  • robust and weatherproof
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • economical in consumption
  • mobile and flexible

If you have any questions on the subject or if you would like to rent or buy a lighting system, we will be happy to advise you. Call us in Isernhagen and benefit from our know-how and our long years of experience! The team of Lumoon Group GmbH is looking forward to meeting you!

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